About Us

Multicraft Imports is based and began in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada.

The idea was to provide great quality craft items to the Trade Sector at reasonable prices. President and owner Rick Kumar, grew up in a entrepreneurial family environment actively involved in the craft industry. He felt many of the finer items in the craft market were quite expensive for the North American economy. There were items which many households would not purchase due to these high costs.

Rick's idea was to get these products made in larger volumes, thereby decreasing the costs. By slightly changing, enhancing, improving, and streamlining the design, production and distribution methods of these fine craft items, his plan was to get all pricing down to levels that all household incomes could enjoy.

Thus, Multicraft Imports was born, creating and sourcing the latest Arts, Crafts, Scrapbooking, and Home Décor trends, at prices everybody could smile at. Rick has been fortunate to have some pretty amazing people working by his side. The team at Multicraft Imports share the same vision and drive, to 'git er done'.

Thank you for sharing in our world.